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Aloha Editor plugin for symfony 1.4 - sfAlohaPlugin


It feels a bit strange to dive into symfony 1 code again but I updated today the sfAlohaPlugin plugin that I wrote some time ago to easily integrate the Aloha editor into a symfony 1.x project.

The documentation I provided for this plugin was incomplete to make the plugin work well out of the box and this should be fixed now.

The plugin helps you to turn any HTML block (e.g <div></div> blocks) into an in-content editable block. Compared to a simple use of the Aloha Editor, it provides some nice features:

  • Automatically initialize Aloha Editor parameters
  • Save the edited content to the database (its structure is created on plugin install)
  • Upload image feature : a plugin for Aloha has been made for this purpose. Images are uploaded to the server.
  • Some parameters for the symfony app: - Only allow connected users to edit content
  • Only allow users with specific credentials (like being an administrator) to edit content
  • Set default Aloha editor loaded plugins

I also set up a demo environment for the plugin so that you can try it!

Here is the demo address to see it in action: sfAlohaEditor demo

Download and learn more about the project: sfAlohaPlugin on Github

Important note:

  • This plugin embeds Aloha Editor 0.21 while the latest version is 0.22.x. This version introduced a lot of compatibility breaks and fixing the plugin to work with Aloha Editor 0.22.x would take too much time
  • I’ve been pretty disappointed by Aloha Editor and wouldn’t choose it as a WYSIWYG HTML editor now. The documentation is not complete at all (and I don’t see any enhancements), the library is huge for a limited set of features, compatibility is broken between versions without any upgrade guide. So for now I would highly recommend to move to CKeditor 4, which has a better documentation and now supports inline editing as well. After considering Aloha integration into Drupal, the Drupal team moved back to CKeditor as well: From Aloha to CKEditor

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